Living Wage Principles

The Living Wage Principles were created by the Church Council of Greater Seattle’s Living Wage Working Group in the Spring of 2013.

The principles provide language and a framework to discuss what a living wage entails. Additionally, they serve as a comliving wage is a moral valuemon foundation for many congregations from various denominations, all committed to the process of education and advocacy for a living wage.

Many congregations have used the principles as a way to begin the process of committing to engage in Living Wage efforts. To begin the process, consider taking the Living Wage Principles to a discussion with other congregation members or your pastor, to your social justice or ministry team, and to your congregation’s governing entity. Signing onto the Living Wage Principles allows a congregation to reach a collective commitment before entering into advocacy work.

Invite your congregation to consider signing onto the Living Wage Principles and join us in our movement towards a Living Wage!